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Other Names CornMielie or Mealie
Category Cereal GrainPulses
Color Yellow to Light Orange
Type Dried
Packaging As per Requirement
Features Supreme QualityRich in CarbohydratesHealth Food

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Maize, scientifically called Zea Mays, is believed to be the first-ever cereal grain domesticated by indigenous people. Corn is the name given to the fruits of the Maize crop. The stalk of the Maize crop produces two types of flowers — one with pollen and another with seeds. The seed part grows into seeds or ‘kernels’ which are the fruits of the same plant. We eat these fruits as ‘corn’. One of the major staple food grain in the world, c

Origin and Cultivation of Product 

The origin of the maize crop is believed to be in Southern Mexico when indigenous people first domesticated Maize 10,000 years ago. After that, it began spreading in the North. First cultivated commercially in the United States, it gradually spread in other parts of the world.

Maize is a susceptible plant. It cannot stand extremes of heat or cold. Hence, it is suitably cultivated in temperate zones, with a total production of 1.15 billion tonnes each year. A significant part of this production occurs in the US, followed by China, Brazil, Argentina, Ukraine, Indonesia, India, Mexico, Romania, and several other countries. Agro Pro is premium quality Maize Exporters based in South Africa catering to the needs of Maize Buyers all around the world.


Product Uses

Maize is one of the most common staple food ingredients all around the world, owing to its high nutritional value. Cornstarch, prepared from Corn, is a daily food ingredient in homes and various food industries. Maize is also used in the preparation of multiple types of alcoholic beverages, as well as many bakery products. The most common ingredient in Mexican dishes, which are eaten worldwide, Maize is used as an ingredient in various types of bread, dough, stews, beverages, porridges, soups, and even some desserts. Agro Pro is a premium Maize supplier located in South Africa.


Product Nutritional Value 

Maize in every meal adds tremendous nutritious value. One hundred grams of a serving of Maize consists of 86 kilocalories, 18.7 g of Carbohydrates, 3.3 g protein, 1.3 g fat, and 75.96 g water. It also constitutes various vitamins and minerals. 



Various Packaging is available as per the customer’s requirement or the requirements of any Maize Importers.

P.P Bag — 55.12 lb / 25 kgs or 110.23 lb / 50 kgs

Jute Bag — 110.23 lb / 50 kgs

Vacuume — 55.12 lb / 25 kgs

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