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Beans Pulses

Beans Pulses

Other Names Red Mung BeansRed Cowpeas
Category Pulses
Color Red
Type Dry
Packaging As per Requirement
Features Supreme QualityRich in ProteinHealth Food

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Adzuki Beans Adzuki Beans, also called Aduki or Azuki, are eaten widely for their health benefits. Its botanical name is Vigna angularis. It is an annual vine. The red beans are most common, but other variations like white, gray, black colored, and mottled beans are also known. Due to high demand, they are widely sold and purchased by Adzuki Beans wholesalers around the world.

Origin and Cultivation of Product 

Adzuki Beans were initially found as wild beans, but they were later domesticated and used for consumption. It is believed to have originated from somewhere in East Asia. Its name is derived from the Japanese word ‘Azuki’, literally translating to ‘large bean’.  They are usually grown and cultivated in various parts of East Asia and Himalayas and exported all across the world. Agro Pro is a premium Adzuki Beans supplier located in South Africa. 


Product Uses

Adzuki Beans are commonly eaten in a sweetened form, after being boiled with sugar. This is called Red Bean Paste, which is a ubiquitous ingredient in various Chinese dishes and several Japanese sweet dishes. Some people also like to eat sprouted Adzuki Beans. Some people also use the red bean paste as a filling or topping ingredient for waffles, buns, pastries, and biscuits. You can also make a stew or daal from Adzuki Beans, or create a soup of Adzuki Beans. This can be eaten with Rice or Bread. Agro Pro are premium quality Adzuki Beans Exporters based in South Africa catering to the needs of Adzuki Beans Buyers all around the world.


Product Nutritional Value 

After being cooked, Adzuki Beans hold 66% water and 25% carbohydrates. It also holds 7% dietary fiber as well as 8% protein. Notably, Adzuki Beans contain a negligible amount of fat.

If you cook a small amount, say 100 grams of Adzuki Beans, you will be able to consume 66g water, 128 Calories, 24.8g carbs, 7.3g dietary fiber, 7.5g protein, and only 0.1g fat from it. It also contains multiple vitamins and minerals in minimal amounts.



Various Packaging is available as per the customer’s requirement or the requirements of any Adzuki Beans Importers.

P.P Bag — 55.12 lb / 25 kgs or 110.23 lb / 50 kgs

Jute Bag — 110.23 lb / 50 kgs

Vacuume — 55.12 lb / 25 kgs

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